It just may be time you realized WHY you are here!

What’s happenin’ Dream Bodies?

Looks like we’re here to stay, for a while more anyway.

2012 predictions of destruction didn’t come to pass, as I figured they wouldn’t but I always kept it in the back of my mind. Just so I wouldn’t react with fear if it DID happen!

But I think this is still something to be looked into, this could be a great time to END a lot of personal self defeating habits, social anxieties, and global ignorance! And obviously this SHOULD be a time to learn to love yourself, love others, meditate, become globally conscious (so important), and end this persistence of FEAR and fear driven society/world. Fear is the single root cause of all things ugly, evil, and ignorant.

There are only 2 emotions from which all others come from. Fear and Love

Take this coming year with a new awareness. Realize that that voice in your head, telling you; “you might get hurt”, “what if you fail”, “but that’s what everyone else is doing”, “that person hurt me”, “WHY CAN’T MY LIFE BE BETTER!?”, is there for a purpose, but a purpose whose time has passed and it’s impact on your life is truly detrimental! That voice is the voice of your primal brain, a relic from our days as nomads and cave dwellers. It is your EGO!

Now is the time of true self and global consciousness! It is a time to reject fear and see the energy of love, kindness, compassion, emanate from your heart! It is a proven fact that the heart has an electromagnetic energy field and the more your are in a “positive” or loving state of being the more expansive this field IS!! But also when in a “negative” state or a state of fear it is nearly non-existent or very constricted and close to the body!.

I have these videos and authors to share with you to help you understand (as they have for me) what I am talking about. I have shared them numerous times, but I can not and will not stop no matter how annoying. I feel it is too important. You may react with fear and rejection to these, and that is fine, but ask yourself WHY. AND YES YOU DO HAVE TIME!!!! TO WATCH THEM.

Watch First!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


Authors: Eckart Tolle, William Buhlman, Gregg Braden, David Icke, John Hagelin, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, so many more……

There is so much information out there, do not constrict your SELF to just one modicum belief system. The beautiful thing is there is no ONE way to enlightenment, happiness, love, and joy!

Please always take time to learn, research, and DISCERN every piece of information that comes to you. And ALWAYS search for new information on how to expand your personal growth and awareness, without judgment and dogma. But please, understand you ARE human, you can get upset, jealous, hateful, depressed, and stressed, but know it is from fear and be conscious of why you may feel this way. And is it really something to feel that way about?

When you can truly step outside yourself and look at who you are being, you can discern whether you are being YOU (Loving consciousness) or your fear and ego. It is time to be AWARE of our fear and learn WHY it is there so that we can move on from it!!

This IS a new era of human consciousness! Embrace it with me!!

Live in Love….always, and expand yourself with it!

Chris Barnett


About dreambodychris

Owner of Dream Body Fitness located in Meridian Idaho. Fitness expert and boot camp instructor. Entrepreneur.
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2 Responses to It just may be time you realized WHY you are here!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Awesome post Chris! I couldn’t agree more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    • Kristy says:

      True success is when you continue grow as a person and find yourself in new situations all the time, and you face them head on! You are doing just that.. I love it! The “EGO” will hold you back, no doubt about it 😉

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