The Best Strength Training For YOU!



Hey Dream Bodies!

Well I hope this finds you well and happy and I hope your weekend is great so far!


I wanted to let you all know I have developed a masterful strength gaining program with some borrowed insight from Timothy Ferriss and The 4 Hour Body amazing book by the way, pick it up. It is designed for both women and men. It is very simple and only needs to be done once per week!

The best way to increase strength is with gradual increase in resistance, very gradual. The program I created is a 6 month long commitment, but is only, like I said one day per week and targets the whole body!
I have drawn up worksheets for everyone who participates so they can track their progress! Only 4 people at a time can train in the Powerhaus Compound area so make sure and schedule it!

We will perform 4 different exercises; Flat Bench Press, Barbell Squats, Dead Lift, and Sitting Military or Shoulder Press. 5 Sets each for the first 12 weeks, then 6 sets for the next 6, and finally 15 sets for the last 9 weeks! This is for serious individuals who are looking to take their game up about 100 notches!

Below are illustrations of each workout.

Bench Press


Dead Lift

Military/Shoulder Press


This circuit will be based on your 1 rep max, so if you want to be involved you MUST schedule with me to find your maxes!

With this integrated into your Dream Body routine you will see dramatic and lifelong results! It will not be easy and compound lifting is very strenuous, a different kind of animal than our cross training style.

Push Past The Pain!!!!










About dreambodychris

Owner of Dream Body Fitness located in Meridian Idaho. Fitness expert and boot camp instructor. Entrepreneur.
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