The NEW (Ancient) Way of Losing Fat, Building Muscle, and Feeling Amazing

Hey there Dream Bodies, hope your week and life is fantastic….seriously!

So as many of you know I have taken up intermittent fasting. A way of eating that allows for better fat loss, energy, and digestion. So far guys it is working amazingly! I have lost 1.5% body fat in 2 weeks and my wife has lost 2% as well! That is is 2 lbs for me and 2.8 lbs of fat for her!!

Robyn has noticed she has much more energy and it really wasn’t as hard as it sounded.

So today I am going to give you exactly what we have been doing and some science articles on research done to prove that it DOES NOT hurt or affect your metabolism in any negative way and actually works best in fat loss studies and digestion oh and nutrient absorption.

Here is a real simple way of what it is:

• Skip breakfast. You may have coffee, or sugar free drinks (no calories) Drink plenty of water during the Fasting Phase, about 1/2 ounce per lb of body weight! or 1/2 to 1 gallon of water. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

• Start eating 16-20 hours after you finished dinner the night before. This gives you a 4 to 8 hour eating window.  Choose your window wisely, but studies have shown you will lose the maximum amount of fat with a smaller eating window, especially if you are prone to poor digestion!

• Eat lightly during the day, consuming only protein, fat

and green veggies in small to moderate quantities,

while avoiding all fruits and starchy carbs.

•Eat big for your last 1 or 2 meals, this includes all your carbs, fruits, plus your veggies, proteins, and good fats!

• TRY to get these big evening meals AFTER your workout, but if you workout in the morning it is not a big deal.

So that’s the gist of it. Here is what I recommend on how many meals per eating window.

Standard 8 hour feeding window: 4 meals, first 2 meals are no to very low carb with proteins, greens, and good fats. Last 2 meals get your carb on!! Fruits, sweet potatoes, rice, etc.

6 hour feeding window: 3 meals, first 2 meals are the no carb meals, last meal is your BIG meal with plenty of protein, fats, carbs, and fruits/veggies!

4 hour feeding window: 2 meals, meal 1 keep carbs but make them lower than the 2nd meal, meal 2 should be huge!

It is important to get your calories in your respective feeding windows! And of course the smaller the feeding window the more difficult it will be to get those calories. So I made a calorie dense shake recipe to help those of you who want to try it! Find it at the bottom!

Here is an excerpt from the book by Jason Ferrugia Renegade Diet….

The great thing about this style of eating is that it works
incredibly well for active, busy individuals. Who has the time
or desire to eat 5-6 meals per day?
Therefore the diet provides you with an incredible sense of
freedom and adds productivity to your day. Without all the
time spent preparing and eating food you will have ample
amounts of time to do more productive things.
You will also have infinitely more energy during the day
because of the fact the diet turns on your sympathetic nervous
system, aka “fight or flight mode.” Most people are used to
operating in the parasympathetic nervous system and that is
why they have such low energy levels throughout the day.
After using The Renegade Diet with hundreds of clients
and hearing all of the amazing feedback I can almost
guarantee that you will have more energy than ever before.
Nearly everyone who has tried it has reported off the charts
energy levels and mental focus during the daytime fasting and
under eating portions of the diet.

The Hormonal Effects of Intermittent Fasting

Growth Hormone
Most of you have heard of GH (growth hormone) and it’s
myriad of benefits such as burning fat, building muscle,
increasing protein synthesis, boosting the immune system and
slowing down the aging process. What you may not know is
that fasting and under eating promote an increased growth
hormone release.
IGF IGF (insulin-like growth factor) is another hormone
responsible for tissue repair, muscle growth and fat burning.
Some of you who follow bodybuilding will recognize IGF
because of the fact that so many of the pro’s inject it to get
absolutely huge and shredded. If you don’t want to resort to
illegally injecting it the good news is that its production is
increased naturally through fasting and under eating.


This is arguably the most anabolic hormone in the body,
even more so than testosterone. It’s known as a storage
hormone. The bad news is that one of the things it stores is
bodyfat. So while you definitely want a big insulin spike to
build muscle you don’t want insulin to be present in the blood
too often for too long. The best way to manage insulin is to
keep carbs low for 16-20 hours per day as you do in The
Renegade Diet. Then when you eat at night, especially if the
meal follows your workout, you get a huge insulin release
which leads to a tremendous anabolic response, helping you
build muscle while staying lean at the same time, simply
because, in the post workout period it’s nearly impossible for
the body to store fat.

I will admit a lot of what I preach is what others have done or are doing, not everyone can be original ALL the time! Haha! Also times change and studies once thought true just aren’t any more, I mean we are getting better and more efficient at figuring things out on a scientific level if not a social level!

I will continue this way of eating for myself forever or until the next great thing comes along! And so far it is working VERY well!

Here are the links to scientific studies for you skeptics!

And here is that shake recipe, trust me it is delicious!!

Protein: 56g Carbs: 40-50g Fat: 14-20g

8 oz of celery and cucumbers juiced
1 cup of blended spinach
1/4 cup of Rye flour
1 scoop of whey isolate (HIT Protein Isolate THE BEST!)
2 table spoons of peanut butter
3 poached eggs
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1/2 tsp of stevia
and water for consistency

Mix/blend thoroughly

Hope this helps guys and I will be sending you here when you ask me for diet advice!

Much love,



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  1. Dani Bright says:

    I think I’ve been accidentally doing this diet everyday this week 🙂 Good blog!

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