True belief. Why I started Dream Body Fitness.



Good afternoon Dream Bodies!


I hope your week has been fantastic!

I want to lay a little truth down today. Ok a lot of truth. And it’s not that I have ever been untruthful, no, I am just going to let you in on some beliefs of mine.

I posted a short version of what I am about to write on Facebook and got a couple heartfelt and wonderful responses. I loved them but I want to assure everyone I am not one to ask for pats on the back or anything like that, these are my true feelings and I need to put them down.

My life has seen it’s share of heartache, probably more than the average person, but who knows. The past couple of years I have gone through many changes, from losing my grandmother who was like my mother and the one person that could make me “all better” whenever I needed it to having what I call a “great conscious awareness awakening” or something like that…

In these past years I have never been so excited, happy, fearful, and heartbroken. It has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least! I am not one to let on to things like this, when you see me you usually get a sense that my life is amazing and I am the most fulfilled person around….and I am! But, we are much more complex than that aren’t we? Yes we are.

I have this desire to make a mark on the world and to be as free as possible. After longing for this I made a decision to do something for once!

I fell in love with the human body when I was very young, I was enamored with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme more for their physique than their fighting prowess. My favorite cartoon was He-Man where everyone had bodies of perfection. I wanted to be them as most boys did I’m sure.

Well fast forward to teen years and I had forgotten what I truly wanted and used my natural gifts in sports (track) and never really worked much on my fitness and physique ( I was scrawny). Forward even further and I am 25 years old, I smoke, I drink (a lot), and my diet consists of burgers, frozen pizza, and pop. AMAZING RIGHT!!?

Well the drinking was way out of control and was about to end my relationship with the love of my life. Being the love of my life I chose her, duh right? Robyn had the idea to take up fitness to fill up the time we lost drinking. So we did it. We lived in an apartment and they had a fitness center. Every night at 7pm we would go down and “workout”…..

We even started to eat better, information was coming into our life that gave us the education to make right choices for our health and we took it, we took it by the goddamn horns actually.

In this time from 2005 to now I discovered I am very good at reading my body and understanding the principals of fitness and nutrition and to see in others what they may not. I get certified and some education under my belt to have accreditation and sit.

I sit until 2011 when I make the biggest decision ever…..I quit my 12 year job in the whey protein making business, where I climbed the ladder and was pretty damn good at what I did, I had amazing insurance and great pay….security….but no fulfillment and no freedom. I take my 401K and……lay the base for my fitness empire!

Fast forward to now. Robyn and I are 80% clean living fitness freaks. I say 80% because nobody is perfect and I like my crappy food and she likes her chocolate every now and then and everybody needs time off now and then. And I have my own fitness business…..WOW!

I started Dream Body Fitness because I suffered with horrible anxiety, I was a prisoner in my own skin and the only solace I found was in fitness, hardcore high intensity fitness and I knew many many people suffered from this and I wanted to “set them free”. I also started it because I wanted the financial freedom to do what I wanted and be with my beautiful wife as much as I wanted.

If I can help others and spend quality and huge amounts of time with Robyn, well my life would be fulfilled.

But not to detract from my passion here are some of the things I believe about life.

I believe the body is the key to the mind. I believe when you harness the full capabilities of your body your mind has no where to go but out! An expansive mind is a great thing.

I know that when I have confidence in my physicality I have confidence in many other aspects of my life, having gained the control I needed on my body has led my mind to absorb much more than ever before! I mean I’m far far far from religious but the body IS your temple and it is YOUR responsibility to take care of and maintain it’s optimal function!!

I believe in responsibility and taking care of yourself. No one should ever have to rely on others when they are of sound mind and body and nobody should ever have to take care of those capable of taking care of themselves!

And it starts with taking care of the foundation, your body. Feed it love and light, feed it vibrant colors and water, fill it with clean air! When you do this you will find that feeding the mind becomes much easier and when the body and mind our capable of being fulfilled then the soul can flourish as it is supposed to.

I believe the limitations we put on ourselves are our downfall. I believe service to others is the greatest calling one can take. I believe anything is possible. I believe in myself and what I can accomplish and I believe in the love of the Universe, God, Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi….whatever you call it, it is there to serve you and love you. Just ask.


Find limits in yourself and surpass them until death. This is what I believe life is all about.


Much love,

Chris Barnett




About dreambodychris

Owner of Dream Body Fitness located in Meridian Idaho. Fitness expert and boot camp instructor. Entrepreneur.
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2 Responses to True belief. Why I started Dream Body Fitness.

  1. Jodi says:

    We are of like minds.
    I believe your bringing your clients into a relationship and not just a workout will cause them/us to grow. Everyone wants to know you’re a real person and connect with you….no matter how short of time we see you each week.
    I am a relationship builder and find peace with those who are also.
    Thank you for being transparent and trusting us with what is special to you.

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