April, “Clients of the Month” highlight!

Hello Dream Bodies!

So this month I am starting a new trend in Dream Body Fitness. I am going to pick 2 clients per month to highlight. I love my clients and they deserve recognition for their achievements and personalities!

And don’t worry, EVERYONE will be highlighted at one point!

So for this month I chose to give props and credit to Heather Schlag and Nicole Carpenter.


These two wonderful gals have been with me since month ONE of Dream Body’s opening! I had the pleasure of meeting them through a Living Social ad I ran.

I knew since the minute we started talking in our initial meeting that they would be fun to work with! I was very nervous, being the first month of my business and was probably awkward, but Heather and Nicole with their great personalities made it easy for me.

There were times in the beginning where it would just be me, Heather, and Nicole training and it was always fun, never uncomfortable (at least for me). They work very hard when they are here to train. Nicole is definitely dedicated to her fitness, always asking questions and pushing herself.

To date their results are incredible!

Heather has lost over 8lbs of body fat and gained over 10 lbs of lean muscle, with total of 6% body fat loss!

Nicole has lost over 9 lbs of body fat and gained over 12 lbs of lean muscle!! A total of 0ver 6% body fat reduction.

These are excellent results. Not to mention they both play soccer and have expressed much improvement in their game! And as Heather would say, “Tuck jumps save lives!” Because thanks to practicing tuck jumps she avoided what could have been an injury causing collision on the field!

Being the great people they are, seeing that I had just started and needed new clients they also became my greatest referral sources. They enjoyed my training and spread the word, Nicole and Heather are pretty much responsible for 1/3 of my clientele if not more and I could not be more grateful to have such wonderful women to train and be acquainted with!

So I just want to say THANK YOU Nicole and Heather for buying that Living Social coupon and choosing to stay with me! You are great people and I look forward to working with you for a long time!




About dreambodychris

Owner of Dream Body Fitness located in Meridian Idaho. Fitness expert and boot camp instructor. Entrepreneur.
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