Metabolic Reset/Cleanse

Hey Dream Bodies!

Her is a “cleanse” that is designed to strip fat and reset a metabolism that has stagnated and is used to low calories or just used to how you have been eating!

I must admit I kind of stole this from a guy I admire in the field of fitness Elliot Hulse, so when you have time check out his vids on Youtube!

Here it is!

7 Day version:

Day 1, 2, and 3: Drink 2 gallons of water EACH DAY! (This will be very tough for some people). Also Eat ONLY NO SKIN TURKEY BREAST or Fresh TUNA (can be canned or bagged), eat UNLIMITED green veggies (broccoli is best, but spinach, collards, celery, and any green herbs)

Days 4, 5, and 6: Drink 1 gallon of water per day. Eat UNLIMITED GREEN VEGGIES ESPECIALLY BROCCOLI, and add in your regular meat sources like lean red beef (preferably grass fed) other fish type, chicken, etc. (NOT FRIED!!!)

Day 7: Keep water intake to at least a half gallon or more, but this day you carb load. I don’t mean sugars like pastries and candy. But rice, yam, sweet potato, any potato, pasta, you name it eat the hell out of it!!

There, now you should have reset your metabolism to make it more insulin responsive. If you want to ensure this works or maybe you need a more intense method to reset your metabolism because you have destroyed your insulin response system, then do this for….

14 days.

And there are 2 options.

1 you do this protocol back to back or

2 you make Day 123 into 1 2 3 4 5 6, and make days 4 5 6 into 7 8 9 10 11 12, and carb load days 13 and 14.

Let me know your results in the comments!

Live in Love,


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Green Juice Detox Cleanse!

Hey Dream Bodies!

I am sure many of you (as I have) trashed your bodies with bad food over the holidays! Or maybe you just have a horrible time getting the fat to come off.

One major problem is the toxicity levels in our guts and fat cells. If you have an abundance of toxicity it can be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat!

Here is one thing you can do that I KNOW will help you. This is a detox cleanse I made to help flush out the damage processed foods, sugar, and a host of other toxins case.

It must be done for 1 to 5 days in a row (5 is obviously going to give you the best cleanse/results). You may feel sick, weak, and foggy headed with possible headache at first, but those are the toxins leaving through your blood stream YOU ARE OK, but just to cover my ass make sure you have your doctors approval before doing any cleanse. And I DO NOT recommend doing any high intensity activity while going through the cleanse because of the lack of calories and protein.


Stop eating at 8pm the day before.

Upon waking drink 20 oz of room temperature water

Every hour up until 12pm you will drink 20 oz of room temp water with 1/2 fresh lemon juice in each one. This will help alkalize your system to kill off bad bacteria and will also keep your digestive system working properly and stomach acids where they need to be.

Hope you are ready to pee……A LOT!

At these times – 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm, drink the concoction below. This will take a bit of produce and it doesn’t taste too great, but gotta do it!
Juiced celery, cucumber, and grapefruit juice, blended spinach, parsley, and cilantro.

The below list makes approximately  1 day worth! 60 total ounces of above ingredients to have 12 ounces at each of the times. ONLY make enough for one day to keep all active enzymes alive in the produce!

Buy ingredients from Costco or your preferred store (Organic is BEST but not required) Rinse produce thoroughly!!
Measurements: You may play around with amount if it’s not exact.
20 stalks of celery (Juiced)
3 big cucumbers with skin (Juiced)
4 whole grapefruits peeled (Juiced)
5 cups of spinach – 1 cup of parsley – 1 cup of Cilantro (The cups should be packed fairly tight with the produce, then BLEND all in water to keep the fiber)

Add water to fill to 60 ounces total.

Invest in a juicer! My preference is Champion brand.


After this cleanse you will be primed for losing fat and feeling AMAZING! Try to keep the processed foods out of your diet as best as you can, especially sugar!


Live in Love – Chris


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Mission 2013 and beyond…

Dream Body’s Mission?……..VALUE!

First off let me point out that Dream Body is NOT a typical gym. You do not come in; get wrapped up in a contract only to show up twice per year! This is a hardcore group fitness training center where your accountability to us and mostly to yourself is exponentially higher than any gym and because of this your results are through the roof! Why spend hundreds or thousands on a personal trainer or throw your money away to a big box gym when you can train like a god(ess) at Dream Body?

 When YOU KNOW you are going to get the best fitness experience of your life with an owner/trainer that has poured countless hours in developing the meanest most comprehensive fitness program around, WE know you will find the VALUE of Dream Body and make us a part of your life!

With our H.I.R.T. System or High Intensity Resistance Training System we cover EVERYTHING! From the the fitness enthusiast to the beginner we provide the best for your health and fitness regimen; functional strength, fat loss, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance and efficiency, respiratory endurance and efficiency, full body development, and power! All this within an atmosphere of fun, openness, and freedom to be yourself!

You not only get incredible training programs for nearly all levels of fitness you also get Facebook access with; motivation, inspiration, training updates, shout outs to the outstanding, a newsletter of the up to minute news and tips about fitness and nutrition, blogs that give out some of the best motivation and information in the industry! We are not just about fitness and nutrition we are about how to make your life just plain better!

Dream Body offers weekly performance workouts to let you know just how you are progressing, monthly challenges for our members to win prizes and have a blast competing against each other or themselves! HUGE prizes given out at our quarterly challenges!

We use a fun and exciting way to structure our training program by using an Ancient Greek theme that allows you to identify with the founders of fitness and performance! The Olympians, The Titans, and the Legends of Ancient Greece! I mean have you ever wondered how you would fare against Alexander the Great, The Spartan, King Leonidas, or even Hades God of the Underworld? Each workout is an insane mix of strength, cardio, endurance, and body sculpting!

You get 7 day per week access with many class times to choose from and more on the way, there is no way you should miss a workout!?

Join the Dream Body Horde! Try our  2 weeks free! See how we put VALUE in fitness!

And until January 15th 2013 I am running a special of $45 per month for 1 year and you are locked in for life if you choose to stay with us!

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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True power, through conscious awareness, and how food can help!

Yo Dream Bodies!

I have come back from the best Christmas in years and I hope you have as well!

In this consciousness shift I am going through I am becoming aware of nearly every bit of information that comes my way. What I mean is, I am reading between the lines much more easily.

For the past couple years I have been fairly conscious of what I put into my body as far as food and nutrition, but now I am realizing that being fit because of food or even relatively healthy because of food is completely different than being openly and consciously aware of all information that comes to me and my ability to understand it, BECAUSE OF FOOD!

I believe food is the single surest cause of ALL disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and the list can go on and on. I also believe food is the single most efficient way to cure ALL disease, cancer, etc…

It really isn’t my opinion either, it is coming to light that its (actually always has been) scientific FACT!

I am constantly studying new nutritious foods and supplements. And by the way we DO NOT need supplements, “Wait what? You have pushed supplements in your own gym!” Yes I know that I have, but not through deception or even profit, but because I know that MOST people do not get the nutrition they need from their food.

A bad diet with proper vitamins and supplements is still, even if only a little bit, healthier in a fat loss sense than a bad diet period. I emboldened fat loss sense because that is primarily why most people walk into my gym, but in a purely nutritious sense it is not the case. And in the long run this is what you need and it is what I will be promoting from now on!!

Now, I take many vitamins and sport supplements even though I eat higher nutritious foods than most people, and this is because I am 1. LAZY and 2. I actually hate to eat! In my personal life I “think” (through laziness) eating takes up to much time, or more accurately I think preparation of food takes up too much time. And this is prevalent with nearly all of Americans. We are the “fast food nation“, I believe there is actually a documentary with that name.

So what do I do to stay fit and relatively healthy even though as many of you know I do eat some horrendous foods even as a health and fitness professional.

What I do is JUICE! I juice and blend all my greens (mostly spinach, cucumber, and celery but will start adding parsley and cilantro for detox reasons), I supplement my protein sources (which is fine because most of us are protein deficient) with whey isolate which is the only source of whey protein you should ingest. I juice/blend my greens so I can get 3-4 times the amount of nutrition than if I were to sit and eat them. I juice for one day, more greens than most people eat in a week.

But here is the deal, I know I can do 1000% better with my nutrition and I know you can as well. Many don’t realize, eating healthy is FAR cheaper than eating shit everyday! You just have to NOT BUY THE SHIT!

I want YOU to educate yourself! It all comes down to responsibility. And with this you will cure so many of your ills you will be amazed!

I personally want to aggressively pursue a higher nutrition lifestyle because of the CLEARER thinking and higher conscious awareness that can be achieved. I can be fit muscular and relatively healthy with my current moderately nutritious food intake. But I still go through bouts of anxiety and a fear based reality, although it is diminishing quickly! And I believe I can better achieve this primarily through my nutrition!

The detrimental affects to our cognitive function from all the sugar and artificial foods we ingest are so absolutely UNACCEPTABLE that it’s criminal. Here’s the kicker….it has been designed this way by the food companies and regulatory agencies to keep you UNMOTIVATED AND DUMB! A dumbed down society is easy to control and easy to induce FEAR upon, what is the first things we have done when in fear? We have given up many of our god given rights and freedoms. It’s time you do the research, you owe it to yourself, your community, your family, and your, dare I say, consciousness or soul!

I have provided you with some material in my last blog to open your awareness to what is really going on in the world and society. So here are some more videos to enlighten you on just what our food supply is doing to our health and cognitive function! I can tell you all day long, but you have to experience this for yourself.

Here are the documentaries, believe them or not, it’s up to you but if you have any awareness whatsoever I think you will choose to be aware of the truth. A few of these are available on Netflix or even the entire docs are on Youtube.

Hungry for a Change

Food Matters

Food Inc.

And if you truly want to know how to cure yourself if when you are truly sick.

The Gerson Therapy

Do it for your SELF first and the affects on you will radiate as LOVE to all those around you, share your experiences!

Do all things with LOVE and KNOW there is NOTHING in life to fear. This is not cliche, it is fact whether you like it or not. Kill the ego, or if you’d like the devil in your mind telling you you are weak and powerless. Here is a beautiful quote from Marianne Williamson.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Know that you are the most powerful being in existence, because you are, when you know it. The body is the manifestation of the consciousness or spirit and we have a responsibility to our consciousness to exalt and glorify our bodies, through proper nutrition and fitness and a constant pursuit of reality or truths.

Everything I have typed here today is fact whether you choose to believe it or not, but know this, with a determined and pragmatic search of the facts and with an open heart free of fear, you will find this truth! No one can MAKE you believe it and no one can preach the truth to you. Know that.

Live in Love (in your heart), expand your conscious awareness, and reject fear as if it a whimpering child in the distance of your past! Then watch it fade away forever.

This information is for myself as much as it is for you, NEVER think that I am preaching down to you. We all need to grow and when you shine I shine and when we shine we make others shine!

Shine with me!


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It just may be time you realized WHY you are here!

What’s happenin’ Dream Bodies?

Looks like we’re here to stay, for a while more anyway.

2012 predictions of destruction didn’t come to pass, as I figured they wouldn’t but I always kept it in the back of my mind. Just so I wouldn’t react with fear if it DID happen!

But I think this is still something to be looked into, this could be a great time to END a lot of personal self defeating habits, social anxieties, and global ignorance! And obviously this SHOULD be a time to learn to love yourself, love others, meditate, become globally conscious (so important), and end this persistence of FEAR and fear driven society/world. Fear is the single root cause of all things ugly, evil, and ignorant.

There are only 2 emotions from which all others come from. Fear and Love

Take this coming year with a new awareness. Realize that that voice in your head, telling you; “you might get hurt”, “what if you fail”, “but that’s what everyone else is doing”, “that person hurt me”, “WHY CAN’T MY LIFE BE BETTER!?”, is there for a purpose, but a purpose whose time has passed and it’s impact on your life is truly detrimental! That voice is the voice of your primal brain, a relic from our days as nomads and cave dwellers. It is your EGO!

Now is the time of true self and global consciousness! It is a time to reject fear and see the energy of love, kindness, compassion, emanate from your heart! It is a proven fact that the heart has an electromagnetic energy field and the more your are in a “positive” or loving state of being the more expansive this field IS!! But also when in a “negative” state or a state of fear it is nearly non-existent or very constricted and close to the body!.

I have these videos and authors to share with you to help you understand (as they have for me) what I am talking about. I have shared them numerous times, but I can not and will not stop no matter how annoying. I feel it is too important. You may react with fear and rejection to these, and that is fine, but ask yourself WHY. AND YES YOU DO HAVE TIME!!!! TO WATCH THEM.

Watch First!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


Authors: Eckart Tolle, William Buhlman, Gregg Braden, David Icke, John Hagelin, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, so many more……

There is so much information out there, do not constrict your SELF to just one modicum belief system. The beautiful thing is there is no ONE way to enlightenment, happiness, love, and joy!

Please always take time to learn, research, and DISCERN every piece of information that comes to you. And ALWAYS search for new information on how to expand your personal growth and awareness, without judgment and dogma. But please, understand you ARE human, you can get upset, jealous, hateful, depressed, and stressed, but know it is from fear and be conscious of why you may feel this way. And is it really something to feel that way about?

When you can truly step outside yourself and look at who you are being, you can discern whether you are being YOU (Loving consciousness) or your fear and ego. It is time to be AWARE of our fear and learn WHY it is there so that we can move on from it!!

This IS a new era of human consciousness! Embrace it with me!!

Live in Love….always, and expand yourself with it!

Chris Barnett

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You must know your strength limits! (Benefits of knowing your 1 rep max)



Hey Dream Bodies!!

Oh my god it has been wayyyy too long since I have written a blog!

Anyway, this week at Dream Body we are finding out our strength limits on the 4 Horseman of weight lifting; Barbell Back Squats, Barbell Dead Lift, Barbell Bench Press, and finally the Barbell Standing Overhead Press or Military Press.

These are the most important strength training lifts you can do and when you know your strength limits with these 4 lifts you can gauge what weight range you should be working in depending on the results you want!

As you know we have changed up what we do here at Dream Body, we are incorporating a lot more Olympic style strength and power training. We are doing this because it is the surest way to a better function and looking body!

Normally there will be one big compound movement within our workout routine, this exercise movement may be one of those listed above or it may be a combination like a Clean, which I will describe later.

Now depending on the results you are after you will lift the weight a variety of ways. Now I will not say this is based on HARD science, it’s more a mix of Bro-Science and fact! But this is the general weight you should lift BASED on your 1 Rep Max.

If you are looking to just burn calories and maintain the muscle you have you should work within the “Conditioning Zone” as I like to refer to it. Which is 25-45% of your 1 rep max for high reps at a range of 15 to 25 reps!

If you are looking to gain lean muscle and decent strength and get that fuller solid look in the physique you should train in the “Hypertrophy Zone”. This is about 50-75% of your 1 rep max for med to med high reps, around 8-15 reps total. And the higher your percentage USUALLY the lower your reps.

And finally if you are looking to become much stronger and I mean really strong you will train in the “Maximal Strength Zone”. This is 80-100% of your 1 rep max for a rep range of 1-6 reps!

And the funny thing people don’t know is when you train for maximal strength you DO NOT get that bulky fuller look you get when training in the Hypertrophy Zone. This is due to the different muscle fiber being used. Your strength is based off of your central nervous system and your myofibril muscle fibers. When trained these muscle do not tend to swell like your sarcoplasmic muscle fibers, which is what is trained when working in the Hypertrophy Zone. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t gain muscle size, it just won’t look as dramatic as when training for muscle size and hypertrophy.

Below is a list of exercises with a link for each one that takes you to descriptions and video images of some of the workouts we will be introducing (and ones that we do already) to Dream Body. I want you all to study them a little so you have a basic idea of the type of exercise that really kicks ass and gets you results!


Dream Body Exercise Directory


Compliments of ExRx.Net


  BB Back Squat     
  Front BB Squat     
  Dead Lift       
  Romanian Dead Lift   
  Shoulder Press     
  Thruster/Push Press   
  Hang Clean       
  Clean & Jerk     
  Bench Press       
  DB/KB Exercises        
  DB Clean         
  DB Hang Clean     
  DB Snatch       
  KB Clean & Jerk     
  KB Clean         
  KB Snatch         
  KB Swing       
  KB/DB Farmer Walk       
  KB/DB Turkish Get Up   
  KB/DB Windmills     
  Burpee (Full)       
  Mtn Climber       
  Push Up       
  Body Squat         

Ok guys I know it’s a lot to absorb so take time to read this from time to time!

Thanks and I hope your Christmas or whatever you celebrate is amazing!!

Remember, LIVE IN LOVE!


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Gluten Free Food List



Hey Dream Bodies!


Well it’s 10/11/12 OMINOUS!!! Hahaha!

Anyway I wanted to give you a tool, if you are having trouble losing weight no matter what you do or you have a myriad of other issues such as allergies, constipation, thyroid issues, celiac disease (sp?) then you may want to look into a gluten free nutrition plan.

It needs to be done cold turkey so ALL IN. Your body must detoxify from the gluten to see full benefits.

Here is a list now go do it!!

All fresh fruit, All fresh vegetables, Fresh herbs and spices

Vegetable, canola and olive oils, Shortenings, Mayonnaise, Salad dressings

Plain frozen fruits and vegetables, Ice creams, sherbets, ices, Gluten-free frozen waffles

Milk, half-and-half, cream, whipping cream, Aged cheeses, Butter, Margarine, Yogurts, Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Cream cheese, Eggs,Tofu, Jello, Rice pudding, Tapioca pudding, 100% fruit juices

Plain canned fruits and vegetables, Applesauce, Cranberry sauce, Canned beans and lentils, Spaghetti sauces, Canned fish (e.g., tuna, salmon, sardines), Organic packaged soups, Gluten-free pastas, Corn tortillas

Rice cakes, rice crackers, Soy crisps, Popcorn, Cheese puffs, Potato and corn chips, Jello, Candies, Chocolates, Dried fruits

All fresh beef and poultry, All fish and shellfish, Hot dogs and luncheon meats (For anything prepackaged or prewrapped, check labels for additives)

Quinoa, Rice, Buckwheat, Chickpeas, Flax, Sunflower seeds, Cornstarch, Potato starch

Vinegars (but not malt vinegar), Mustard, Ketchup, Horseradish, Jams and jellies, Honey, Maple syrup, Relish, pickles, olives

Cream of Rice cereal, Puffed rice, puffed corn, Gluten-free cereals, Gluten-free frozen waffles

Sugar, Salt and pepper, Herbs and spices, Evaporated or condensed milk, Corn meal, Tapioca, Baking soda, Baking powder, Gluten-free flours, Baking chocolate, Cocoa

Coffee and Tea (but check the gluten-free status of flavored coffees and teas), Soft drinks, Fruit juice

Dried beans and peas, Plain nuts, Peanut butter, Almond butter, Cashew butter

Suggested Reading

Taken from



Dream Body Chris


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The Deal of a Lifetime! (Too cliche?)



Hey Dream Bodies!


I am in the service industry and it is the best industry on the planet. Nothing is more rewarding than helping out your fellow human beings! When my clients tell me what I do for them and their well being or that they are proud of me it is a feeling I can’t really describe!

So, to say thank you and to help and serve even more people I am unleashing a deal that will only be offered once…..a deal of a lifetime! Haha! Please see below and spread the word, but hurry the space is limited!!

Dream Body Fitness Lifetime Member Deal!

  • For current and new individual and family members, membership fees per month for unlimited training will only be $45 per month per individual and $120 per month per family of 4 for a 1 year commitment, with the ability to re-sign up after that year for the same price for life! Each year after will be a new 1 year commitment.
  • Only for group fitness training. This deal does not include nutrition planning or body composition tracking.
  • Family plans are for 4 family members. 2 adults and 2 children. Every additional child over the minimum of 2 will be an additional $25 per month!
  • All children MUST be 12 years of age or older and under 18 years of age.
  • Parents of children MUST accompany their children to every training session and are responsible for their behavior. If a child is acting up or does not perform each workout safely and properly after being corrected once will be asked to sit out and will not be allowed to train until parent has assured Dream Body trainer and owner that they will act accordingly. If it happens twice they will not be allowed to train at all and their portion of the membership will be subtracted.
  • GROUPON and LIVING SOCIAL members must take part in this deal immediately. Otherwise when their trial is over they will be subjected to our standard rates should you continue with Dream Body Fitness.
  • Current members who got in on past deals that were less than $45 per month will have to take part in this deal now to get the lifetime locked in rate otherwise when your membership is up you will have to pay our standard rates.
  • If you are currently in a 1 year commitment you will have to re-sign for another year.
  • Members who have paid for 6 months or 1 year in full will have their plan adjusted to fit the pricing and will need to pay any differences.
  • All payments MUST be auto-debit. No cash or checks unless you are paying for the entire year in full! These will also be taken out either the 1st or 15th of every month.

Hope to see you soon!

Much Love,


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Values, Missions, Visions, and Life Coaching. My Experience!



Hey there wonderful people of the world! And my favorites; The Dream Bodies!

Some of you may know and most of you don’t but I have been on a 12 week journey in Life Coaching with an amazing person to guide me, Tracey Auer with Oak River Consulting.

Through this you discover a lot about yourself and your shall we say….inconsistencies! but you also dig deep to find out just what makes you who you are and why you are. This is so important because if you don’t know what drives your being you can never reach your true potential! And I am all about getting to the top of my personal growth!

I would like to share what I have uncovered about my personal values and beliefs and also my business values and beliefs. I’m telling you when you discover what you truly believe and value it opens a door to opportunity that you can’t imagine! What I mean is, you find out why some things piss you off and some things invigorate you and it is ALL based on values and beliefs about those values.

Here are my personal discoveries:

I am an honest, confident, humble, and discerning man. Who lives courageously and consciously by taking risks, reflecting on my life, and creatively writing!

I believe it is my personal responsibility to stand against injustice, I believe self-care aids in my personal congruency, I believe truly living is by perseverance, and I believe my mental and emotional fulfillment comes from my personal growth!

This took 8 weeks to uncover and it has been trying and difficult at times and also took a lot of damn work, but nothing has ever been sooooo worth it! I encourage EVERYONE to give Life Coaching a go, nothing is more important than yourself. If you can’t live completely how can you possibly give completely?

Ok so on to my business values and belief discoveries!

Again I am an honest, confident, humble, and discerning man.

Providing an environment of release (stress, anxiety, fears, fat! Haha!) and freedom (to express yourself, to move, eat, and be healthy!)! Encouraging others through writing and education while promoting laughter and fun and hard work. I am determined to facilitate a non-judgmental atmosphere all encompassed by celebrating CHANGE! Whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually!

So there you have it, and there I had it too. I was surprised to find what really drove me into this field of service/business. It has been a short journey into taking control of my life but I am completely changed already and still have 4 weeks left in this program and a lifetime to improve!

So to say the least I am very excited!!


I hope you got something from this or at the very least enjoyed it!

Take care and much love,



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